Lunes, Enero 28, 2008

an sakuyang kakugos-kugos bago magpadagos sa Ateneo...

My Prayer to You Oh Lord

God, my endearing and loving Father;

And You I know, even more, as my awe-inspiring Master

Let Your presence be on me, as I place my trust in You.

Guide me to where You want me to be - as I should Oh Lord.

God, let your words be my words and deeds,

and that are carefully chosen and full of wisdom

like things which I've always wanted for my students.

As the good morning comes, Lord

direct me to the first move that counts a lot

and that will often brings me and will dictate

how the rest of my day's instructions will unfold.

God, be with me always to win all days of my stay in AdNU H.S.

Especially this very day as I stand in front of my eager learners....

I also welcome You to show the way to me

not to situations where i could get off to a bad start

and as I get started with a usual encounter with them.

Always keep me ready to clear my thoughts

and as I prepare my self to it.

God, as I get off to all ups and downs of my teaching,

whatever I lose, my Lord, may it be an object and a chance of my learning

And be my companion always as I learn from it -

so it won't happen anymore.

God, help me display strengths in every topic I am supposed to discuss.

Loaded me with lots of sense of humor to my teaching

that I know will make a mark on me and on my student's lives.

God, help me make no mistake

in welcoming inquiring minds of my students

Also, help me challenge their active minds

and encourage those of shy spirits.

God, lead my students as what You leads me

to be the best of our abilities

and be the ones who respond to your call of leaving a legacy

and bringing that legacy to fullness-

of Your most Holy will

with sincerity and care, as one like You, Amen.

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